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Brand: ABAC Model: PN2A
ABAC PN2A – HVLP PRO spray gun Technical Data Gun type Air supply Corpus Heat resistant handle Nozzles Tank type and ..
374.27€ Ex Tax:309.31€
Brand: ABAC Model: Hose Tip - Gun side
Hose Tip from Gun side - spare part for ABAC Air Hose ..
22.09€ Ex Tax:18.26€
Brand: ABAC Model: Nozzle PN1&2
Nozzle for ABAC PN1A  or ABAC PN2A spray gun..
29.04€ Ex Tax:24.00€
Brand: ABAC Model: Aliminium lid ABAC
Aluminum lid for spray gun ABAC PN1A, ABAC PN2A or ABAC PN5A...
72.60€ Ex Tax:60.00€
Brand: ABAC Model: SG90
ABAC  SG90  – HVLP turbine Operating Voltage Insulation (Protection Class II) Power Adjustable air volume, max Mo..
864.19€ Ex Tax:714.21€
Brand: ABAC Model: PN 6/14
ABAC PN6/14 – HVLP PRO spray gun for dry chips and flakes,  3l., nozzle 14mm Gun type Heat resistant handle Nozzles Tank t..
363.87€ Ex Tax:300.72€
Brand: ABAC Model: Paint Container 0,7l
 Aluminum Paint Container 0,7l for ABAC PN1A  or ABAC PN2A spray guns..
127.35€ Ex Tax:105.25€
Brand: ABAC Model: ABAC SG90 NANO
Nano coating/ Disinfectant & Sanitizing agents HVLP ABAC SG90 ELECTRONIC Spray System - Gun ABAC PN2 (nozzle diameter 0,2 mm-0,3mm-0,5m..
1,429.49€ Ex Tax:1,181.40€
Brand: ABAC Model: Nozzle SET PN1&2
Nozzle SET- 3pc. for ABAC PN1A  or ABAC PN2A spray gunCan be used as sanitizing nozzle. Nozzles diameter 0.3mm; 0.5mm ; 0.8mm  is perfect f..
64.98€ Ex Tax:53.70€
Brand: IMP PUMPS Model: NMTD PLUS 25/60-180
 230V, IP44, Q, maks  3.31 [m3/h] , H, max 5.76 [m] ,  RMP 4100 [1/min]NMTD PLUSBasic twin pump.Electronically controlled high-efficien..
320.65€ Ex Tax:265.00€

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